Monday, August 13, 2012

Greetings from Cedar Park/Leander

It's my first day of vacation (I take one week in June and another in August) and I am too lazy to do
anything around the house so I decided to start a blog, following in the footsteps of other deads who
have created such great blogs. I hope to contribute something and have a little fun with this.

I injured my right knee back in March and had to take a break from running for 4 months. Finally in
late July I was able to get out and run again. I just finished my 3rd week back and my runs are back to 45 minutes. I plan to add a little time to my 4th run this week, will try to build up a longish run. I run by time so I always measure my runs in minutes not miles.

I say I live in Cedar Park/Leander because my subdivision is in a MUD district between these two towns north of Austin. It's a peaceful little burb and we have a great running path around the neighborhood. The motorists are aware of people on the path for the most part but a pickup truck nearly ran over me last year. I've learned to run behind them not in front of them.